Grant Professionals Team​​

Our staff consists of experienced and successful grant writers. We always recruit grant writers with an extensive and successful history of writing major grants for both very large, medium, and smaller nonprofit organizations. 

The grant writers understand the importance of nonprofit missions and the funding challenges that exist. We provide skills to support our clients by:
  • Using program research tools, superior grant presentation, defining goals and program outcomes, and professional grant presentation
  • Developing outcome measurements and evaluation programs
  • Maintaining networking contacts with funding organizations
  • Writing proposals that capture the essence of the client mission and connects it to the focus of the funding organization
  • Working with federal, state, city, and foundations nationwide to provide funding for all types of programs

Because of the manager’s background, we have a very sophisticated and productive research system, ranging from using online foundation lists to monitoring grant pages for announcements, including monitoring federal, state, county, and city. Our researchers monitor the announcements and send potential grant opportunities to the grant managers to review and select appropriate grants to apply to for clients. The grant managers review all grant proposals and suggest or make changes, and then submit the proposals to the grant funders.

John O’Connor is a former CEO and CFO. He has a background and knowledge in finance, accounting, consulting, computers, and programming, as well as writing and organization.

He graduated from the University of Notre Dame and has an MBA from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri.

In 2005, he decided to use his experience of working with many different types of organizations to the nonprofit field. He took nonprofit management classes at the University of South Florida to become acclimated to the nonprofit side of business. He then taught himself to write grants for nonprofit organizations, immediately generating successful grants for his clients.

The tools used are sophisticated research methods, superb writing skills, working closely with clients to become a part of their team to understand programs, requirements, and planning. 

We work with any type of nonprofit organization and understand and write winning grants for any type of program.