Our organization has provided grant writing and professional consulting services to nonprofit organizations in all fields since 2004. Our mission is to create sustainable grant funding for our clients’ programs. Our services go beyond grant writing. We can advise organizations on management and business practices to succeed in the changing economic and community environments. Grant funders want to know that the organizations they are funding are sustainable. We help our clients achieve and demonstrate that their programs are well managed and successfully relevant in their communities and their programs will be successful.
We find and use research tools and grant writing systems that will create sustainable funding for nonprofit programs. Our goal is to enable our clients to have long-term sustainable funding for their programs. This enables each organization to receive grant funding in the short-term and to assure funding for the future.
Our staff of experienced and skilled grant writers understand the importance of nonprofit missions and the funding challenges that exist. We provide skills to support our clients by:
  • Using program research tools, superior grant presentation, defining goals and program outcomes, and professional grant presentation
  • Developing outcome measurements and evaluation programs
  • Maintaining networking contacts with funding organizations
  • Writing proposals that capture the essence of the client mission and connects it to the focus of the funding organization
  • Working with federal, state, city and foundations nationwide to provide funding for all types of programs
Our organization has won over $20 million in grant awards for our clients. Our mission is to assist our clients to achieve their missions by developing and expanding their programs to support the people they serve. In addition to writing award-winning grants, we work closely with our clients to shape program models, conduct extensive research, and provide evaluation services.
We work closely with our clients. We consider ourselves to be part of their team so we can understand and present their programs, goals, and funding requirements.