Grant Services​​

Comprehensive research is a critical aspect of our services. Without research there will be no grants. Our dedicated research staff uses sophisticated tools and software to monitor funding web sites, grant opportunities, nonprofit community events, workshops, and training events. Our staff receives real-time notifications when updates to these sites are made, ensuring our clients have access to all possible funding opportunities. Our goal is to have the best research service that lets us make the most appropriate grant matches for our client.

Private/Corporate Foundations
With access to databases online we conduct targeted searches to find the best potential funding opportunities for our clients. We review foundation guidelines and funding history, scour the Internet for any other information regarding the foundation and cross-reference with the foundation’s most grant awards. This comprehensive information method enables us to become as familiar as possible with a foundation — a knowledge that substantially increases chances of a successfully funded grant proposal.

Federal Grants
Successful federal grant proposals require highly in-depth research, skilled grant planning and management, and detail-oriented proposal preparation. Our staff monitors the thousands of grants on as well as information from local government entities to identify funding opportunities to meet our clients funding and program needs. Federal grant writing for health, human service, education, state corrections and housing are among our specialties.  

Program Assistance
Working jointly with our clients’ program managers, we work through discussion, observation and research to become familiar with your organization and programs. We emphasize learning about the mission and how the mission is achieved.  We effectively communicate with your staff to develop, analyze, and describe complex programs. We are successful and experienced in building partnership programs between cooperating agencies. Our skill and system helps nonprofits to not only address their immediate needs, but also develop future funding plans. 

Grant Preparation & Writing
Precision, clarity and understanding - That is how we present your organization to grant funders. We produce letters of intent, full grant proposals and other applications of different types. With a complete understanding of requirements and deadlines, we know how to prepare a successful grant proposal. Our extensive database of evaluation tools and best practices enable us to compile thorough and professional proposals. Familiar in outcomes evaluation and meticulous adherence to funder guidelines, we prepare proposals that present your organization to funders in an efficient, effective and successful manner.

Relationship Building
We pride ourselves in cultivating lasting relationships with our clients. We view ourselves as members of your operations team, and we learn as much as possible to present your programs in a knowledgeable and professional manner. Ideally, we like to conduct site visits and observe programs in progress to become intimately acquainted with the programs we represent. We also help collaborations and support systems among other nonprofits and funders.