Grant History

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration - Primary Behavioral Healthcare Integration Grant
$1,832,000 - Federal Grant - Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare's Primary Healthcare Services – Medical care for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness

Department of Justice Mental Health Collaboration Grant
$200,000 - Federal Grant - Orange County Corrections & Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare's Mental Health Jail Diversion Program

Florida Hospital Foundation CHiC
$200,000 - Collaborative effort with Central Florida Family Health Centers to develop a mental health facility in East Orlando

Orange County Continuum of Care
$207,110 - Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare's Supportive Housing – permanent homes for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness.

Orange County Community Development Block Grant
$132,000 - Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare's Residential Plaza – Housing for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness

Orange County Wrap-Around Program
$200,000 - Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare

Florida Division of Corrections Residential Therapeutic Community Beds
$3,400,000 - Steward-Marchman-Act Behavioral Healthcare

Department of Labor Youth Build Program
$700,000 - Center for Independent Living

SAMSHA Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration
$1,600,000 - Steward-Marchman-Act Behavioral Healthcare

$700,000 - Boys & Girls Club of Lake & Sumter County