We research and find grants, and write and win grant awards for our clients - funding that will allow them to sustain their programs well into the future, and create and operate new programs that will further help their clients.

John O'Connor Grant Writing has been working with clients, both large and small, and writing and winning grants for twelve years. Our purpose is to assist nonprofit organizations achieve their missions. We do this by finding grant funding to enable their programs to become sustainable, and develop new programs to bring current and excellent services to the people that they serve.

John O'Connor's background is suited to this purpose. His experience as a CFO, CEO of a software company, and an accounting and programming consultant has enabled him to develop the analytical and management resources to develop superior grant research programs, create excellent and winning grant proposals, and put together and manage grant writing teams.

We enjoy talking to every organization that contacts us, so give us a call or email me.
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